Many online service providers out there in 2020 understand the importance of creating a course in order to have a consistent revenue stream - but there's a huge problem.

They don't have the clarity and direction to take the next step in creating an online course that sells.

The problem is...

They don't know how to pick the topic of an online course that will provide income.

They have ideas, but they aren't sure how to choose the right one.

> They are stuck in analysis paralysis.

They need clarity & strategy but are getting overwhelmed with the myriads of resources and often contradictory advice.

Skilled creatives like yourself need to be able to identify what topic is "course-worthy", so they can finally design their online course and start generating income with it.

Fortunately for you... I've created a solution that does just that.

Introducing... the quick win...

The only online course Clarity formula for

up-and-coming course creators

✔ Educators

✔ Career Explorers

✔ Coaches 

✔ Consultants

✔ Practitioners

✔ Teachers

✔ Artists

✔ Trainers

✔ Freelancers

✔ And much more!

WHAT's included:



Workshop 1 - Winner Course Idea Formula

In this workshop, you'll select the course ideas unique to you and choose the winner course topic. You'll gain clarity & the confidence of knowing that you are about to build not only a course you'll love creating but a course that your favorite customers will be excited about buying!


Bonus: Identify Your Favorite Customer & Niche

Along with the training, you will get a Niche & Target Customer training that will show you a unique focusing strategy and help you eliminate the noise and confusion around who you serve and how to serve them best.

Workshop 2 - Course Topic Validation Formula

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make sure that the course you want to create is something your customers need before you pour ANY money, time, and energy into building it. I'll show you how to apply a short & efficient market research strategy to tweak and shape your course topic to the market needs.


Bonus: Market Research Swipe File

This training comes with a simple, pragmatic & step-by-step market research strategy with sample questions so you can fine-tune your course to their exact needs!

Workshop 3 - First course outline Formula

In this workshop, you'll create your very first proactive, strategic, and adaptable outline so you will walk away with a well-structured framework that you can start filling out with your brilliant content and start creating an income.


Bonus: Name Your Course Guide

Along with the training, you will also get my naming workshop for free - so you can pick the name that will make people want to know more about what you offer them.

 Winner Course Idea Formula (Valued at $97)

 Course Topic Validation Formula (Valued at $97)

First Course Outline Formula (Valued at $97)

Market Research Swipe File (Valued at $27)

 Content Creation Cheat Sheet (Valued at $27)

 Identify Your Favorite Client Training (Valued at $57)

Recycle Your Content Strategy (Valued at $27)

How To Name Your Course Workshop (Valued at $97)

Total Value: $526

Yours Only For $27 


For the sake of shortening the time it takes to build a well-designed course, I am also offering you these 3 supercharged bonuses!

Imagine having confidence in the topic you chose to build your course knowing that there will be customers who what exactly what you are creating. 

How would you feel knowing that when you market your course, it will convert prospects into customers? 

What would the future look like if you had that clarity...knowing that you will make an impact and you can create the success you crave?

This is what the "Your First Online Course" Formula can do for you...

How would your Course Creation Process be different if you could:

 Know exactly what steps you need to take to build an excellent course

✔ Stop worrying about picking the wrong topic and using a lot of time, effort, and money to build a course only to hear crickets

✔ Get to work on a project that you feel confident about every step of the way

✔ Become the expert in your field faster, using your high-quality course to accelerate the process

✔ Feel energized and creative because you have clarity and you know the direction that leads you to success

If you are like most up-and-coming Course Creators, you feel like uncertainty is just ONE of the roadblocks preventing you from creating your very first successful Online Course.

Maybe you have already downloaded all available materials, read all blogs, and watched all YouTube videos on creating an online course, but instead of having more clarity, you feel even more confused and overwhelmed.

Or maybe you have tried to create a course already with no results and doubts are creeping in while the desired results of freedom, security, and fulfillment feel lightyears away.

And right now you may feel disillusioned and heavy, fearing that you have to give up your dreams and go back to a soul-sucking job.

You have no more time, money, and capacity to waste on strategies and tools that don't work or on expensive "expert advice" that you can't implement in an actionable process.

Unlike other programs out there that promise you everything and leave you with nothing, this formula offers you a simple step-by-step solution designed to create immediate clarity & momentum in your course creation process.

Because you deserve to create that amazing course that encapsulates your expertise and makes money for you.

Finally, get clear on your high-converting online course without doubts, overwhelm, and confusion.

Leave the hesitations & paralysis behind with...

✔ A dependable and practical course topic validation and outline formula

✔ A strategy to leverage the work you put into creating your online course that rocks

✔ The tools you need to get results and make progress fast

✔ A step-by-step pragmatic process that is simple and actionable

...for only $27!


Why should you trust me?

I don't just teach this stuff, I actually do it. I have been building offline and online course curricula since 2009.

What I do works. Course materials I designed were taught by thousands of educators to tens of thousands of learners.

I keep it real. Having gone through the same transformation I'm offering to you, I know how to give you no-fluff real results.

My obsession is course creation (and coffee). Everyone is obsessed with something, right? ;) When I'm not consulting or building courses, I can be found compulsively geeking out on educational programs while inventing new coffee flavors on the fly.

Hey, I'm Zsuzsanna...

I'm a Course Clarity Consultant for new Course Creators who can't figure out what their first online course should be in order to create consistent revenue.

Through my step-by-step courses and progress-oriented consultations, I am here to enable you to create your high-converting course from scratch while making it all feel like playing Lego together.

After 20 years, 17 countries, 2000+ students, 32 courses, and 956000 cups of coffee, I can confidently say that EVERYONE has a zone of genius and it's your turn to decide what do you really want to do with yours.

Perhaps you want to finally do what you love and maybe you ALSO want a consistent flow of money coming in so you can ditch the worries around finances for good. Or maybe you just want more freedom and spend more time with people you love. 

It's time for you to make all the effort, time, and thought you have put in so far worthwhile, and turn it all into a success story.


Just know that whatever you want is within your reach right now...

 Winner Course Idea Formula (Valued at $97)

 Course Topic Validation Formula (Valued at $97)

First Course Outline Formula (Valued at $97)

Market Research Swipe File (Valued at $27)

 Content Creation Cheat Sheet (Valued at $27)

 Identify Your Favorite Client Training (Valued at $57)

Recycle Your Content Strategy (Valued at $27)

How To Name Your Course Workshop (Valued at $97)

Total Value: $526

Yours Only For $27 

Frequently Asked Questions

You work in your own time and there is no reason to rush the process. If you can dedicate 1-2 hours daily to your course work, you can have your validated outline in your hand within a week.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your purchase, giving you access to all the goodies.

What if I decide that this whole thing isn't for me?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the workshops or the bonuses within 7 days you will get a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can enroll today and you don't even have to decide if you are in for good. Take the full 7 days to explore the resources, then make the decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don't. Sounds fair?

What if I need extra support along the process?

I thought of this which is why you get access to the exclusive community, managed by four coaches of different expertise. 

This is a great way to connect with other course creators, ask questions, share ideas, and work together to get even better results. 

How much time will this program require?

When will I get access to the resources & materials?

Gain course clarity & momentum today.